LinkedIn Top Tips

13 Outubro, 2016

How can you make LinkedIn work harder for you? Simply spend eight minutes or less improving your personal profile on this powerful social media platform by following the simple tips below: LinkedIn tip #1 – Add job details to your profile It is not enough to just list the job titles that you had in … Ler mais

5 job seekers who struggle to land interviews

12 Outubro, 2016

Job hunt not going according to plan? Can’t figure out why you aren’t getting called in for interviews? Perhaps you’re one of five types of job seekers whose resumes just seem to tank with hiring managers. Think about it. Maybe you change jobs a lot? Or have gaps in your career history? Some very commonplace things can raise … Ler mais

13 unusual things jobseekers have done to get noticed

11 Outubro, 2016

With an anticipated surge in jobseekers, it’s only going to get harder for candidates to get noticed by employers. This predicted deluge of applications means that being distinctive is an increasingly decisive factor. Rosemary Haefner, Chief HR Officer at, says that recruiters and candidates are starting to realise this, and that an extraordinary cover … Ler mais

Is getting more sleep better for your career?

10 Outubro, 2016

Traditionally, in the macho corporate world how little sleep you get is often a badge of honour. High-profile bosses such as Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi and Fiat Chrysler’s Sergio Marchionne all boast of thriving on just four hours sleep a night. Basically “sleep is for wimps” and the sooner you get up after you’ve … Ler mais

How to manage your online reputation

7 Outubro, 2016

What we get up to in our spare time is our own private business. Yet we often use social media to share our activities, photos and thoughts with our family and friends. As a result,we disclose sensitive information that we wouldn’t normally reveal outside of our closest social circles to the general public. Whether you … Ler mais

A importância do digital no recrutamento

6 Outubro, 2016

A captação de talentos tem de ser ajustada à evolução do setor digital, que permite uma maior aproximação entre a empresa e o colaborador.   Atualmente, a atração de talentos requer para as PME e multinacionais uma abordagem diferenciadora ao mercado, uma vez que a inovação e, concretamente, o setor digital estão em constante mutação. Neste âmbito, as empresas em geral, e especificamente … Ler mais

10 tips to ensure interview success

4 Outubro, 2016

Congratulations! Now you have the chance to shine and to demonstrate why you are the right person for the role. Remember, however, that the interview is not just about you securing the job. It is also your opportunity to find out more about what job entails and the team that you will be working with … Ler mais

Tech companies are recruiting moms who left the workplace

30 Setembro, 2016

It’s the latest effort to return caregivers to full-time employment. Six tech companies are joining the on-going and up-hill effort to get caregivers back into the workforce. On Tuesday, domain registrar GoDaddy  GDDY -0.50% , online education platform Coursera, grocery delivery startup Instacart, as well as customer service software company Zendesk, marketing technology company Demandbase, and CloudFlare, a content-distribution network, … Ler mais

Girls need to be more competitive

29 Setembro, 2016

Girls need to be taught to be more competitive, new research from Université Paris-Saclay finds. Professors José de Sousa and Guillaume Hollard studied more than three million games of chess from 154 countries to find that in games with comparatively equal opponents – same in age, nationality and ranking – women were more likely to … Ler mais